A new drifter to monitor and forecast more accurately the motion of waterborne oil spills.

08/12/2011 Κύρια Θέματα News


Based on the previous project analysis concerning existing action plans and methodologies used in past oil spill events, TOSCA partners have developed a new drifter capable to follow the "drift" motion of an oil spill in the marine environment. This was possible by designing a new drifter equipped with "wings" made out of olleophilic material which have the tendency to stick on oils but not on the water.

Consequently this  TOSCA drifter (named "Spill Track") will closely follow the oil spill drifting motion, thus allowing more accurate monitoring and forecasts of the oil spill position in the sea. This new development is part of the project objective to provide improved oil spill tracking and trajectory forecasts in the event of a Maritime accident. The TOSCA prototype drifter was presented during the 2nd project Steering Committee in Levsos (Greece) on the 31st of October and successfully tested in the sea. 

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