Modeling system configuration in the test sites

Project deliverables

Monitoring and forecasting material transport in areas of high pollution risk is of paramount importance for controlling and mitigating  damages caused by a maritime accident.  Modeling systems (using atmospheric and oceanic conditions to provide pollutants dispersion forecasts) are becoming a powerful tool in the hands of local authorities and public administrations  involved in environmental and maritime safety issues.

Five such systems are currently being implemented and validated in test sites around the Mediterranean Sea. At the end of this phase, at each test site a material transport modeling system based on atmospheric, wave and ocean circulation components will be ready to perform simulation on past events and/or real time operations.

Deliverable.3.3.1: Modeling system configuration: available systems and identified gaps
Coordinator: IASA- UAT (Institute of Accelerating Systems and Applications)
Sarantis Sofianos:


Deliverable.3.3.1-Modeling system configuration


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